About Us

Sarai Silk Route Hotel , Passu Hunza, your most desirable accommodation in Hunza, is ideally located in the heart of Hunza Valley in Passu village. It is situated along the Karakorum High Way, on the foothills of the majestic Passu Glacier. Furthermore, Sarai Silk Route Hotel is surrounded by stunning snow capped mountains. Moreover, peaks of the famous Passu Cones, Passu Glacier, Batura Glacier are nearby landmarks. To sum up, our guests not only enjoy abundant recreational journeys at one of the best hotels in Hunza but leave with a sense of having been inspired and energized by their visit. 

The hotel features 18 guest rooms and tent accommodation. From anywhere around the hotel, including the guest rooms and tents, you can view the splendidness of a landscape and snow-covered peaks that stirs the soul and tranquilities the mind.

Inspired by nature and local tradition, the hotel from the exterior and interior are built and furnished with local and simple products. The hotel building is surrounded by natural herbs and shrubs including, sea buckthorn, lavender, and that gives a soothing and artistic sense. And furnished restaurant and rooms to furnishing combine local and simple products and natural herbs and shrubs to maintain the nature unspoiled.  

To ensure that our guests enjoy the experience of a lifetime, we’ve created a diverse range of activities that captures the culture, lifestyles, and natural beauty of the area. From hiking along the Passu glacier or exploring the village life to experiencing the adventure of the suspension footbridge, boating at Attaabad Lake to strolling the grounds, there are numerous ways to connect with this land of wonder and purity. Once you arrive at Hotel Sarai Silk Route Passu, your real journey of interacting with nature begins. 

A gracious host, Sarai Silk Route Hotel creates extraordinary experiences for business guests, holiday travelers, students, and adventure seekers during their stay in Passu, Hunza. We welcome you to this luxurious and most desirable accommodation in Hunza Valley.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide transport?

Yes, wherever and whenever you require. If you’re traveling to or from the hotel, leave it to us to manage your transport.

Where are you situated?

We are located in Passu Village. This is a village in Upper Hunza, a 2-hour drive from the Gilgit City of Pakistan.

How can I book a room?

You could contact us through our phone number or email to reserve your room.

One stay here and it will for sure be your most desirable accommodation in Hunza Valley.

What are some tourist attractions around the hotel?

The Passu Glacier is situated directly behind the hotel. A walk could be taken to the viewpoint. The Passu Suspension Bridge is also located nearby for adventurers. Other than that, Passu Village is also a great place to visit to interact with the locals.  Borith Lake is also located at a 15-minute drive from the hotel.

How far is the Khunjerab Pass from the hotel?

The Khunjerab Pass is a 2.5-hour drive from the hotel.

What makes it a desirable accommodation in Hunza?

There are several things. Top of the list are its location, the fantastic hosts, the clean and charming environment both inside and outside.