Testimonial #7

In Sarai Silk Route you can enjoy the incredible scenery of Passu Cathedral 4000m above the Hunza River, the easy link to Karakoram Highway, and the calmness of the middle of nowhere–on the same time. The building is made in traditional style with raw stones and wood, the inner design is tastly simple with local textiles.
The owner Karim Meharban is an extraordinary host and a local warhorse, knowing everything about the region and all over Pakistan tourism with valuable contacts. You can easily recognize him about a permanent smile on his face, and he is ready to help anytime. In the spacious restaurant try the wonderful organic local and Pakistani food (ask for homemade apricot jam). Mr. Karim has friends all over the planet, so don’t be surprised if Reinhold Messner’s secretary having dinner next table to you. From here you can easily reach by walk the Passu glacier and Hunza village for long walks till the river itself.

Zoltan Szabo - Deluxe Rooms