Passu Tourist Sites

Passu Cones:

Tupopdan, (The Sun-Drenched Mountain), also known as Passu Cathedral and Passu Cones, is a rocky cathedral ridge that stands at 6106 meters to the north of the village. The Passu Cones is the most photogenic top of the whole area that towers over the village on the other side of the river of Passu. Some high peaks like Passu Sar, Shisper Glacier, and Batura Glacier stand tall here.


Passu Cones

The Passu Cones, also known as the Cathedral Range, is a spectacular sight to behold from Sarai Silk Route Hotel. Located along the Karakorum Range, their one of a kind structure & appearance is what makes them stand out!


Passu Glacier:

The Passu Glacier is one of the white glaciers in Hunza Valley situated in the South of Passu Village. Passu Sar is situated on the back of the glacier. This very glacier links the Batura Glacier with other glaciers of the area and is a major tourist attraction. Many tourists visit the Passu Glacier every year as it is a very short walk away from Sarai Silk Route Hotel.


Passu Glacier



Batura Glacier/Batura Valley:

Batura Glacier (the fifth-longest non-polar glacier of the world) is in the South of Passu Village and just 56 kilometers from the Karakorum Highway (KKH). 65 kilometers long, the Batura Glacier is nestled between some of the highest and most beautiful mountains of the world. It is recommended to trek in this direction only with a guide. The Batura Valley is home to the 65 kilometers long Batura Glacier.  As you pass through the summer pastures, you gain the opportunity to see the daily life of a shepherd as well as breathtaking views of Ultar (7388 meters), Passu peak (7478 meters), Karon Koh (7200 meters) and the splendid Batura Group.


Batura Glacier/ Batura Valley

Most of the trek done here is an easy stroll along the flower-filled ablation valley between the lateral moraine and mountain which includes the crossing of a glacier.


Yunz Valley:

The Yunz Valley connects the Passu and Batura Glacier through an easy and scenic trek with a great view of the two glaciers and a panoramic view around the Passu Village. Yunz Valley Pasture is a luscious grassy land with abundant shrubs and Alpine Trees in its surroundings. It can take five to six hours round hiking to the Yunz Pasture.


Yunz Valley


Passu & Hussaini Suspension Bridge:

Passu Suspension Bridge is situated on the Hunza River on the way to Khuramabad. The distance to Khuramabad from the main village can be covered in an hour by the suspension bridge. Khuramabad also touches Zarabad, the division of Hussaini. Two bridges Trek is a famous day’s trek around the region which as the name suggests Passu Suspension and Hussaini Suspension Bridge.


Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge provides a unique opportunity of crossing two suspension bridges in a five-hour trek in the area surrounding Passu and the neighboring villages.



These are some tourist sites in Passu, Hunza located close to Sarai Silk Route Hotel.