Passu Cones

Passu is a tiny village situated in the Upper Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Along the Karakoram Highway in Upper Hunza, Passu is a popular tourist destination because of its easily accessible sweeping landscapes. This especially includes the well-known Passu Cones!

Breathtaking scenery isn’t hard to find in Gojal, Hunza. The Passu Cones is an iconic landmark that’s magnificence leaves many astonished. Also known as the Cathedral Range, they are a spectacular sight to behold from Sarai Silk Route Hotel. Along the Karakorum Range, their one of a kind structure & appearance makes them stand out!

The Passu Cones are approximately 6,106 meters (20,033 ft) in height. Another name for this iconic landmark is the ‘Passu Cathedral.’ It is the most photographed peak of the region.

Its beauty remains constant throughout every season and thus, is a major tourist attraction and hence is a must-see during your journey in Passu, Hunza.

Apart from this, there are many other tourist sites including the Passu Suspension Bridge, Batura Glacier, and the Passu Glacier.

Sarai Silk Route Hotel possesses the best viewpoint in all of Passu. Get to view this majestic landmark on your visit to Passu, Hunza from Sarai Silk Route Hotel!