Spring in Hunza

Spring in Hunza. Spring is a new beginning in many ways. The buds sprout, animals and birds awaken and the land comes to life after a long slumber from winter. Spring in Hunza (Gilgit Baltistan) is a sight to behold. It is known to be the most exciting season in Hunza. Nature shows its fullest beauty during this season and many tourists, both national and international visit the area to witness this. The colors of Hunza’s environment become more vibrant and special occasions such as the seeding ceremony (tagm) and Nowruz are celebrated!

Springs in Hunza occur around the period from March till the start of June.

Spring season is known for giving out fruits such as cherries, through cherry blossoms. The blossom starts in the initial weeks of March and ends in the last days of April.


More Questions:
Q. When is spring in Hunza?

Springs occur during the period of March to the end of May

Q. What is the weather like during spring?

Mildly warm, with chilly evenings.

Q. What types of fruits are available during spring in Hunza?

Cherries and Mulberries are the common fruits available during this season

Q. What festivals occur during spring?

Nowroz, Tagm (seed sowing), etc.