Safaris in Hunza

These are some Hunza safaris you can try!

Batura Yak Safari

Passu is one of the oldest villages of Upper Hunza (Gojal) Valley. Specifically, it is situated at 150 kilometres from Gilgit. Passu is famous for its Yaks, cattle, sheep, and goats. Also, the village possesses large grazing areas. For example, Batura Valley, Yunz Valley, and Avdedgar. Batura Valley is also known for its summer herds and tourist spots.

Moreover, the Batura ranges possess panoramic views. Its ice flow and Tibetan style of shepherd huts, attract many tourists every year. Plus, the local people engaged with the tourism industry have introduced “Yak Safari.” Now, dozens of tourists rush to experience this unique travelling adventure.

During the safari, you may see the life of the mountain area community. Furthermore, you might get to experience different facilities and dishes.

Safari Information

  • Program: Batura Yak Safari
  • No. of Days: 11 days and 10 nights
  • Location: Batura in Passu, Hunza Valley – Pakistan
  • Route: Islamabad – Besham – Chilas – Gilgit – Karimabad – Passu – Yunz Ben – Yashpert – Guchesam

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Karakoram Jeep Safari

Out of the safaris in Hunza, one worth trying is the Karakoram Jeep Safari. Overall, this is a fascinating program arranged for nature lovers/adventurers. Travelling by jeep on the Karakoram Highway (old silk route) and its routes is captivating. Additionally, through this program, you can travel most parts of the Northern Areas, famous for its beauty and panoramic views. Thus, witness appealing landmarks and the culture of the different areas.

Safari Information

  • Program: Karakoram Highway Jeep Safari.
  • No. of Days: 12 days and 11 nights.
  • Best Season: May to September.
  • Route: Islamabad – Gilgit – Passu – Khunjerab Pass – Karimabad – Gilgit – Skardu – Shigar Valley – Raikot Chilas – Fairy Meadows.

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